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The symbol was featured on a medicine blanket given to an ancestor of the Kent family by a Native American tribe after he helped to cure them of a plague and was supposed to represent a snake, an animal held to possess healing powers by the tribe implying that, by wearing this symbol, Superman was a metaphorical healer. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat The logo is also absent from Superman's cape in the film Man of Steel. Labs Smallville Stryker's Island Warworld. Marv Wolfman's novelization of the film Superman Returns depicts the symbol as belonging to one of the three primary houses of Krypton that brought peace to the planet after a civil uprising, a serpent coiled inside a shield, a warning not to return to the ways of violence and deception.

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  • The Superman shield, also known as the Superman logo, is the iconic emblem for the fictional DC Comics superhero Superman. As a representation of one of.

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    Superman Logo's | See more ideas about Batman vs superman, Superhero and Block prints. Superman Logo - Iconic Superhero (Need this to reference as a draw some visuals).
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    Kryptonian family members of Superman wear the symbol, but sometimes it is worn to honor Superman. Later, writer Geoff Johns confirmed it was indeed a coat of arms, as well as a symbol for hope. Initially, the S-shield had one meaning: After the Superman reboot story The Man of Steelthe symbol's story was that it was designed by Jonathan Kent and was derived from an ancient Native American symbol.

    This was due to the difficulty in animating the S on the flowing cape.

    images superman logo
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    Sign in to make your opinion count. The shield first became a diamond in the Fleischer cartoon serial Superman.

    images superman logo

    Please try again later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The shield has since been taken as a coat of arms, resulting in Jor-El's continued presence in the council despite his "mad" findings.

    images superman logo

    In the film Superman Returnsthe logo appeared on the belt buckle in reverse colors yellow diamond and S with red background pieces instead of on Superman's cape. Kryptonian family members of Superman wear the symbol, but sometimes it is worn to honor Superman.

    Finally, the "Man of Tomorrow" returned to the cover.

    Besides showing Superman flying through the air, it displayed a new shield: the Superman logo with a red. Find superman logo Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

    Thousands of new.

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    Perhaps inspired by Cathryn Lavery's grand poster of Batman logos, Maurice Mitchell created his own superhero infographic, tracing the.
    Labs Smallville Stryker's Island Warworld.

    In almost all versions, Superman's red cape has an all-yellow version of the logo, with a thin black in the comics or red in movies, matching the red color of the cape line separating the areas. This was also included in the Superman encyclopedia.

    Superman Logo Vectors Free Download

    Birthright series says the S-Shield is the Kryptonian symbol for " hope " and Superman believes it may have begun as a coat of arms for the House of El. During the Reign of the Supermen story arc, Each of the four different Supermen was represented by a variant of the symbol, which each wore on their person.

    images superman logo

    images superman logo
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    One of the first alternative meanings was presented in Superman: The effective material found to create Superman's suit, along with being blue and silver, was also courtesy of Lex Luthor. The Superman shieldalso known as the Superman logois the iconic emblem for the fictional DC Comics superhero Superman.

    Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. The other two are merely described, including Pol-Us' eye of vigilance and Kol-Ar's open hand of truth and justice. In 's Superman Vol 2 Superman's new powers forced him to find a suit that was capable of containing his new abilities.

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    1. After the death of Supermanmany DC Comics superheroes wore a black armband with the Superman logo.

    2. In the television series Smallvillean octagonal silver metallic key is used in the Kawatche caves, as well as in a transport device used to travel to the Fortress of Solitude.

    3. Along the edges are imprinted Kryptonian charactersone of which is the diamond border of the Superman shield with a figure 8 inside of the diamond instead of the S.

    4. The New Adventures of Superman and the comparatively small version of the shield as depicted in the film Superman Returns. Kryptonian family members of Superman wear the symbol, but sometimes it is worn to honor Superman.